Golden Key Casino

If you ever find yourself wanting to take a trip to Mombasa, Kenya or you're from that place, then you'll certainly in for some great experience as their bustling cities take you to an unimaginable stay while bringing you as close as possible to the beautiful wildlife existing in Africa. However, if you're a wager and you get that urge to bet, you also don't have to worry as aside from the nature's offer itself, Mombasa Kenya also has a lot to offer in their waging sector in the form of their renowned Golden Key Casino.

Although there are plenty of brick and mortar waging establishments in its vicinity such as the Florida, Nyali International, Rocco, Leisure lodge and Millionaires Casino - the Golden Key Casino is undeniably the one that sits on top of them. It has an age limit that allows individuals 18 years old and above to enter and enjoy what their establishment offers and they are open every day from 3:00 PM up to 5:00 AM. They also have a reliable customer support if ever you have inquiries or you find yourself in a predicament related to their establishment. You can just simply contact their telephone number, +254 41 4471071 to express your concern to them.

It is apparent from this that the operational aspect and the support of the establishment to their customers are extremely exceptional and that in itself, is a huge advantage for any wagers out there. When you go their establishment located at Cement Silo Road, Nyali, 80100 at Mombasa, you may find yourself in confusion as what you'll surely see is not the establishment itself, but one of the most prestigious seafood restaurant in town, the Tamarind. However, you don't have to worry as the establishment is owned by the Tamarind Group and the casino is only placed on top of this outstanding restaurant.

This setup is also one of the advantages of the casino as you can have a pristine seafood dinner before or after you've had your fun in their waging section. Their waging also has a fantastic line of games that will provide plenty of options for slots, table games and more for their players. They have table games from Blackjack variants, Poker variants and a whole lot more. They also hold Texas Hold'em Tournaments which is also a great way to spice up your experience even more. There's no doubt that the Golden Key Casino is a must-visit if you're in Mombasa, Kenya.